As a person who considers themselves pretty entrenched in the worlds of self-help, emotional intelligence, and spirituality, I feel supported and guided while working with Adina.

In the past, I’ve struggled to find a healer/coach/guide that embodied all of the tools I desired. Oftentimes folks I worked with held a clinical background, but did not bring spirituality or intuition into the room, or vice versa. With Adina, I feel such expansiveness in being able to work with it all. From EMDR and IFS to rituals and readings, we’ve used what was needed.

Because of this diverse skill set and Adina’s gift of being a Shadow Guide, I’ve been able to dive deep and dig into what’s under the surface. Working with her has allowed me to really get some inner work done and heal in ways my soul has deeply desired for ages!

I highly recommend Adina to folks who crave a holistic and informed approach to their mental and spiritual wellness. Although I am absolutely confident in Adina’s ability to help guide folks in all stages of their journey, I specifically recommend her Shadow Journeying to those who have been doing this work for a bit and want more or those who have worked with traditional practitioners and felt like something was missing.


Adina is, to put it bluntly, a blessing. She brings a rarely seen level of personal interest to all of her sessions, in a way that leaves me not just feeling cared for, but also actively inspired to heal and grow.

Adina’s passion and attunement is outright infectious; I’d never expected to say that I was looking forward to therapy sessions, but working with Adina has me proud to say it. Without question, she has changed – and continues to change – my life for the better.


Before working with Adina, I felt entirely overwhelmed like I was being swallowed by my current situation. With not many people family, friends, or otherwise to rely on for support— I reached out through a quick google search and found the best source of guidance I could have ever dreamed of.

From the beginning of my story (the roots), addressing the present issue at my center, Adina supported the non-linear, deep work I had to do to place my body- mind- heart- and spirit at ease.

I would recommend working with Adina if you are someone who is seeking professional, perfectly balanced care. She is someone who will seemingly effortlessly witness and support you through whatever tumultuous, transitional, and/or transformative time you are experiencing.

I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything and truly believe it provided me with the proper self-help tools to offer myself peace in every moment.


I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since middle school. As such, I’ve had several therapists and counselors over the years, and Adina surpasses them all.

Before meeting Adina, I felt like I was following a stereotypical script most of the time (to the point where I felt like I could predict what they were going to ask or tell me next).

However, Adina tailors each session towards what I am needing at that time – be it processing trauma with EMDR, making collages, or just talking through the mess of feelings inside.

Adina sees me as an individual, and I value that because it makes me feel like I am being seen and heard. She validates and challenges me in equal measure to propel me towards being the best version of myself.

And that even includes the backslides; there’s no shame when I slide back into familiar patterns of self-loathing. There is never any judgment, and I feel safe sharing even the dark, ugly sides of myself.

In my time with her, I have finally been able to get a hold of my depression, so I rarely ever spiral out of control. I still have depression, and I still get sad. But Adina has helped me develop tools to notice, address, and ease the sadness when it does come up.

Adina is such a genuine, kind, trustworthy, compassionate, and intelligent person.


I initially sought out Adina’s services because I was struggling with trauma to the point where it was having a negative impact on my life.

Through our EMDR sessions I was finally able to find peace and our work did not end there. I have been meeting with Adina for almost three years now and I have seen myself grow emotionally and spiritually in ways that I did not think possible before.

I enjoy working with Adina because she makes me feel seen and heard without judgment and has helped me to see my own strength and resilience.


I’ve been seeing Adina for a few years now. She has been such a huge support in my life. From personal to business and all the stuff in between.

She offers thoughtful and caring advice and has creative ways to problem solve issues. She is wonderfully grounded and has a special awareness that I really appreciate.