I offer both counseling and coaching services.

Please explore each offering to determine which is best for you.

Note these fundamental differences as you begin your consideration of each:


Tends to examine patterns of behavior and explores root causes of those patterns.

Processes past trauma.

Focuses primarily on the mind.

Tends to be a challenging process that yields self awareness.

Is billable to most health insurance plans, which requires a mental health diagnosis. Insurance companies may dictate provider, number of sessions and type of treatment.

Is ongoing or continues until there is a significant reduction in symptoms or a sustainable sense of relief and contentment.

Shadow Coaching

Tends to target specific goals and establishes a clear plan of action.

Doesn’t tend to dive deep into past trauma.

Focuses primarily on the soul.

Tends to be a creative process that yields empowerment.

Is not covered by insurance and does not include a mental health diagnosis.

Is finite and typically includes a specific number of sessions within a set time frame.

How to choose a counselor or coach...

The critical factor is FIT. Find someone you feel compatible with. Otherwise, you won’t make the progress you’d like and the experience won’t be enjoyable for anyone.

Explore this website, explore other websites, ask questions, THINK about what you want. Don’t let your insurance company dictate who’s right for you and don’t let scarcity drive your decisions. Take your time and spend the money–living with ABUNDANCE means knowing that you’re worth the investment.

We are...

Free spirits

Helpers, healers, and lovers


Misfits, activists, visionaries


Explorers of the mysterious depths of consciousness and being

Here to make an impact