Self care and Personal Empowerment


We all possess deep wisdom and each of us is our own healer. Adverse life experiences, limiting beliefs, and unconscious influences often prevent us from realizing our power and living with ease. Accessing professional support is an act of empowerment and the goal of my services is to help you discover tools and strategies that will support your growth and healing even beyond the therapeutic relationship.

Mind * Body * Soul

My true passion is supporting people as they strive for growth by exploring the unconscious influences that are affecting their lives–I love to serve as a witness and a guide through shadow work. Healing from trauma and recovering from soul loss is a powerful and rewarding process. This is best done with an open mind and an open heart.

Rebels & Dreamers

I love working with creative non-conformists ~ black sheep, artists, misfits, spiritual seekers, and highly sensitive beings. People who are interested in exploring the depths of consciousness and are willing to actively participate and invest in their own growth and self discovery.

A Progressive and Holistic Approach

Talk therapy only takes you so far. Deep and authentic healing requires body awareness. It also involves exploring the subconscious. I don’t like diagnoses and I don’t believe insurance companies should dictate how care is delivered or received. I continually do my own emotional and spiritual work so that I am always growing and learning, and so that I am able to hold space for others with plenty of energy and love.


What To Expect...

I take a person-centered approach, which means that our connection is fundamental to the therapeutic process. Sessions are relaxed and relational.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental, loving space for you.

Primary modalities are Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

We explore your experiences, thoughts and emotions as well as your body sensations, beliefs, and values as all of this contributes to your mental health.

Traditional talk therapy as well as creative approaches such as mindfulness practice, art or visualization may be used.

I consider myself a collaborator, not an authority. I encourage active participation and constructive feedback.

Other Things To Note...

*I am currently unable to accept new clients*

$150/session, 50 minutes

$200/session, 90 minutes

Payment options: cash, credit, debit, FSA, HSA

Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield

Sessions take place online or in-person (must be a resident of NC)

I don’t provide crisis counseling or substance abuse treatment.

I work with adults aged 18 and up.

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