Shadow Journeying

You've done your work but you still feel stuck

Whether your personal development work has been self directed or supported by a professional in some way, it can feel really frustrating when you hit a plateau or it just doesn’t seem to be helping.

The root of disturbance tends to be buried deep in the psyche, in the subconscious mind. Shadow Journeying offers an opportunity to excavate what lies beneath the surface of conscious awareness. I blend my work and training as a mental health counselor and an integrative health coach with my personal experience of shamanic healing and spiritual practice to offer a unique and deeply healing opportunity.

This is SOUL work.

This blend of counseling and spirituality addresses trauma and also teaches tools for self healing and healthy living (mind, body, and spirit). Sessions are rooted in IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy and shamanic wisdom. They may also include EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), mindfulness, expressive arts, tarot readings, astrology, ritual practices or other creative healing strategies depending on individual needs and interests.

Shadow Journeying is a powerful alternative to traditional therapy.


About Shadow Work

Shadow refers to what lies outside of conscious awareness. We’re all affected by subconscious beliefs and influences. We all reject and repress aspects of ourselves due to fear or shame. Sometimes these parts are so well hidden, they’e unknown even to ourselves. 

Our modern western culture encourages us to avoid confronting difficult emotions. We’re often not given the tools to know how to cope with uncomfortable or unpleasant feelings. We’re also not taught how to deeply explore ourselves or develop strong self awareness.

Shadow work invites you to develop these abilities by confronting rather than avoiding what seems emotionally challenging or difficult to face. 

Since this approach is unfamiliar, it may seem scary. In truth, shadow work leads to a beautiful awaking. It’s not always easy but the end result is entirely worth it. 

It’s also worth noting that not everything you find in your shadow is dark. We often hide away our greatest strength and power. Doing shadow work is also not always a harrowing experience. It can be relaxing and, believe it or not, sometimes even fun! 

Getting deeply acquainted with yourself and integrating repressed parts is incredibly rewarding.

Who is this for?

I work best with creative non-conformists (“rebels & dreamers”). Artists, activists, misfits, black sheep, seekers, lovers, intuitives, and highly sensitive beings.

Intellectuals and thinkers are also welcome. However, those who rely exclusively on analytical, linear, rational, mental processing and are skeptical of abstract, intuitive methods will not enjoy or get much out of my approach.

It’s also necessary to come to this work with a curious, open mind and a willingness to participate in the process. You are your own healer. I serve as a witness and a guide in the process. Transformation requires effort both within and outside of sessions. If you simply want to talk about your problems session after session, this is not for you.

This work also requires some degree of self awareness. It can definitely help as you struggle with life transitions or seek to know yourself better. If you’re in the midst of acute crisis and have never done any type of healing work, traditional therapy is probably a better place to start.

What to Expect

I take a relaxed, relational approach, which means that our connection is fundamental to the therapeutic process. It’s important to me that people feel at ease with me.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental, loving space for you.

I consider myself a collaborator, not an authority. I encourage active participation and constructive feedback.

We explore your experiences, thoughts and emotions as well as your body sensations, beliefs, and values as all of this contributes to your emotional wellness.

Sessions allow for heart-to-heart sharing, giving you an opportunity to talk about what’s going on. They also include journeying inward to explore what lies beneath the surface of conscious awareness. This may be done through IFS therapy, EMDR, guided visioning, or art making. Sessions may also include tarot, diviniaton, interpreting your natal chart and astrological transits, or ritual practices, depending on your experiences and interests.

Counseling Sessions


50 minutes, $150/session

90 minutes, $200/session 

Sessions offered in-person or online



For those who are dedicated to personal growth and/or seek to help heal, guide or teach others. Shadow Coaching teaches valuable psychological and spiritual skills to help you expand consciousness and heal more deeply. Coaching begins with a 3 month commitment. This is to establish accountability to ensure that you commit to yourself. It also lays a solid foundation for our work together. After that, you can continue month by month for however long you choose.

Customized Coaching Includes:

60-minute initial intake/goal setting session

Customized plan–length and frequency of sessions depends on your specific goals. Cost is determined by your customized plan.

Additional support as-needed outside of scheduled sessions

Free/discounted attendance to workshops or events which may occur during your coaching period

A resource list including books, podcasts, other service providers relevant to your personal goals

Private pay (no insurance)


It is my sincere honor to support you on your journey. I look forward to knowing you!

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