The Soul Scryer's Oracle

Sit quietly and listen to the voice of your soul, to the messages from Spirit...


Oracle cards are a fun and powerful way to receive guidance when feeling stuck or simply curious about life. These cards combine my passion for visual art with my dedication to supporting spiritual growth. They are created with love and reverence.


The Soul Scryer’s Oracle Deck

This unique collection of original art cards is designed to help you quiet the thinking mind and dive beneath the surface of conscious awareness to access your own inner wisdom and guidance.

Each card depicts different hand-made collage art. Each were created intuitively, with great care. Scrying the images and/or journaling with them offers opportunity for intuitive messages to come forward.

Each deck includes:

-44 collage art cards

-Journal reflection questions

-Instructions for use

-A blue velvet pouch

$33 (local pickup in Asheville available)