ReParenting Yourself

Personal growth is an ongoing endeavor

 Digital courses are a fun and affordable way to expand knowledge, growth and self healing. I intentionally craft courses that are easily digestible–they’re comprised of short, simple pieces so that they’re easy to complete and benefit from without feeling overwhelmed.

Reparenting Yourself

A New Approach to Healing Old Wounds

ReParenting Yourself is a 5-module, self directed therapeutic program for people ready to break free from a childhood of emotional deprivation. This is for people who are excited to create a more loving and conscious relationship with themselves and others, while energetically supporting collective healing.

Release yourself from childhood wounds and lifelong patterns of victimization so you can finally feel confident and full of love! This is an empowering approach for people who are ready and willing to take responsibility for their own emotions and growth.

So you can go from…

  • Feeling insecure and unsure of yourself… to having a solid sense of self awareness and self confidence.
  • Having trouble communicating your needs… to expressing yourself openly and honestly.
  • Not knowing who to trust… to trusting yourself and others.
  • Harboring resentment and anger towards your family of origin… to finding a sense of peace and acceptance.
  • Recalling your childhood with sadness… to lovingly remembering the child you once were.
  • Feeling regretful or upset with yourself and your life choices… to understanding the many factors that have affected you and trusting your path.
  • Feeling isolated and alone… to developing a sense of connection and purpose.
  • Having a sense that life is harder for you than others… to having faith and a sense of empowerment.

My approach is rooted in compassion and love and empowers you to form a new perspective of your life experiences. This course offers an intentional shift away from blame and shame. This approach is best suited for open-minded, creative, spiritually-minded people who are ready to love themselves and move forward from the past with intention.

Participants will get the most out of this program by completing the implementation tasks for each module. These tasks include reflection questions, guided visualizations, simple energy work, artful activities and more. There’s also a list of recommended resources (books, articles, videos) to further learning beyond the course.

Imagine no longer feeling like a victim of your own life circumstances and instead experiencing a consistent sense of groundedness and confidence.

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