A Pathway to Profound Healing


You are a highly sensitive, highly intuitive person. At times this feels isolating and overwhelming. But you’re committed to personal growth and feel a strong pull to make a positive impact in the world. You struggle to walk your path. When darkness takes over, you begin to doubt yourself and lose your way.

Mind * Body * Soul

Striking balance between mind, body and spirit is tricky. It’s difficult to tame the mind when under duress. It’s difficult to stay healthily embodied and to trust yourself and understand the unseen forces at play. The human condition is undeniably challenging. It helps to recognize the relationship between the physical and the spiritual and to learn how to foster that relationship for growth.

Mystic, Priestess, Seer, Shaman…

There are lots of words that could be used to describe you. You’ve probably been called sensitive in a disparaging way, but the truth is your sensitivity is a gift. Deep down you know this, even if you feel like an alien at times. You’re being called to step into your power not only for your own benefit but for the benefit of others as well. You’re here to learn, grow, guide and teach. It doesn’t matter if you do any of that as a career or not–it’s your path regardless.

Compassionate Mentorship

Shadow Coaching is a special blend of personal healing and mentorship. You learn valuable skills and tools by doing your own deep work. A bit of therapy and a bit spiritual education, all delivered in a safe container of love and compassion. This is deep, meaningful work that has ripple effects whether or not you pay it forward with intention.


What To Expect...

We will begin with a 60-minute session to assess where you are on your journey and where you hope to go.

We’ll collaborate on a customized plan that best meets your needs. The plan begins with a 3 month commitment to ensure ample time to experience to the process. After that you can decide if/how you would like to continue.

You have the opportunity to experience Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, art therapy, mindfulness training, visioning experiences, archetype work, nature therapy and other healing practices.

You’ll be encouraged to connect and work with spiritual allies and guides (ie: angels, animals, elementals, ancestors–whatever resonates for you personally). You’ll have the opportunity to learn and use oracle and tarot cards as well as other methods of divination and spiritual communication.

You’ll learn and experience ritual and ceremonial practices to address your unique circumstances.

You’ll have the opportunity to address challenges in a straightforward, conversational way as well as in more creative, esoteric ways. You get to decide what’s best for you.

Other Things To Note...


Free/discounted attendance to workshops or events which may occur during your coaching period

A resource list including books, podcasts, other service providers relevant to your personal goals

Private pay (insurance doesn’t cover coaching)

Monthly payments must be made in advance

Cost depends on the customized plan which may include combinations of 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions

Sessions take place online, in-person or a combination of both

Additional support as-needed outside of scheduled sessions

You DO NOT need to be a resident of NC

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