Forest Bathing

“And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.” - John Muir


In our busy, modern lives it’s easy to forget our place in nature. We’re meant to experience and live with nature, to benefit and heal from the gifts of the Earth.

Forest bathing is a therapeutic practice that helps people achieve greater states of calm and connectedness through mindful immersion in nature. 

Mind * Body * Soul

I offer customized forest bathing excursions in and around the Asheville area. These excursions include time and space for solitary reflection as well as ceremonial practice related to individual needs and concerns. They always include practices to cultivate sacred reciprocity–a way of offering respect and gratitude to nature spirits for their ever present, loving support.

Locations may be selected for their alignment to specific energy centers in the body–I’ve identified areas that correspond to each of the 7 chakras. 


What To Expect...


Forest bathing begins with a brief phone consultation to assess what you hope to achieve from the experience as well as your fitness level. The specific location is determined based on what’s shared during this conversation.

We meet at the predetermined location, which may be a forest, lake, river or mountaintop. (No pets, please).

You embark on a mindful walk.

Customized meditation, ritual/ceremony is designed based on your needs and requests.

Offerings are made in closing with respect and gratitude.

You’re in nature so you must be prepared to deal with the elements! Apply sunscreen or bug spray as you wish. Excursions take place rain or shine, but may be rescheduled if conditions are hazardous.

You provide your own water and snacks.


1-Hour Excursion $185

4-Hour Excursion $500

Full Day Excursion $800

Chakra Series: 7 half-day excursions spanning 7 months. Includes an excursion and a 30 minute virtual session each month. $4,500 (may be paid monthly)

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