Personalized Archetype Readings

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are symbols that represent aspects of character, personality and behavior. Examples of archetypes include, The Hero, The Mother, The Villain, The Outcast, The Lover, or The Jester (of course there are many more). Spiritual archetypes include figures such as, The Mystic, The Hermit, The Saint, The Shaman or The Prophet. Mythological archetypes may include characters, such as deities or animals, as well as events like floods, origin stories, or journeys. Archetypes may also be symbols embedded into myth or story, such as a cottage in the woods, a golden apple, a chariot, a bush or beanstalk. Archetypes offer guidance by providing a framework of understanding for complex experiences. They are expressed across cultures through story, myth, and religion. 

What is a Personalized Archetype Reading?

A Personalized Archetype Reading is an opportunity to be matched with an archetype that is available to assist with life challenges. I ask for a brief explanation of a challenge or struggle then I sit in contemplation and allow an archetype to present itself to me on your behalf. I listen for specific messages the archetype is communicating to you at this time. This information is compiled in a PDF, along with suggestions for ways to work with this archetype. You will also receive a voice memo recording with a personalized message for you.

The archetypes I work with are typically deities, characters or animals rather than places or objects, but sometimes there’s an outlier!

How Does it Work?

Email me a brief description (1-2 paragraphs) of the challenge/situation you want support with along with payment via Venmo or Stripe. Allow time for me to channel your archetype, create your PDF and do your recording. You will receive a reply within 7-9 days. This alone may be sufficient. If you have questions or would like to discuss your reading, you may schedule a 30-minute Archetype Reading Session for an additional cost.


Artist: Hermetic Sapp

Artist: Anne-Sophie Cournoyer

Artist: Gian Smith

 Your Personalized Archetype Reading includes:

  • Description of the archetype
  • Messages from the archetype
  • Suggestions for working with the archetype 


30-minute optional add-on session $50