Every Monday I draw a card for my Facebook group, Kindred Family Circle, to start the week with some guidance and wisdom. Sometimes it’s tarot, sometimes animal totems or goddess cards. It just depends on what calls to me. I’m not psychic, but I think we all have intuitive capabilities. I pay a lot of attention to my intuition and strive to nurture and grow this innate sense. When drawing the cards for the group, I concentrate on the group and ask for the card that is most needed and will serve the highest and best good. I believe that sometimes what comes up is a message for the collective and sometimes it’s for a specific person. Either way is fine. People are welcome to take or leave whatever they like from those posts.

I didn’t draw a card yesterday. I could say I was busy (I was) or that I forgot (I did, but remembered before the day was done). But the truth is, I’ve been questioning the point and doubting my purpose and, frankly, just said *fuck* it (*sorry if my language offends you*). I figured no one would care or miss it anyway.

This morning I awoke and felt called to draw a card even though it’s a day late. The result is so perfect that my faith in the practice is restored–even if no one ever reads this. I sensed that I needed to pull a traditional tarot card and, on this new moon, days before the winter solstice, I drew the moon card.

The moon card is about confronting the shadow side and working with the power of the unconscious mind. The shadow side is the dark side of your self that carries fear, anxiety, and insecurity. It is the side we hide away and prefer not to acknowledge or share. If ignored, it preys on weakness and operates through illusion, often causing us to project our negativity outward or to interpret the shadow as inadequacy, unworthiness, or failure. If confronted, it encourages us to explore our fear so we can be empowered and strengthened to move through the darkness with confidence and courage. The moon card reminds us to dive deep into our psyche to dig up fear and insecurity so we can find where it comes from and process through the old memories or experiences that feed them. This is not easy to do. It is common to fall into the trap of illusion; to misinterpret messages so that pain is merely transferred and not actually released. When this card comes up, it is important to avoid placing blame on others or seeking solutions outside of yourself. It is important to realize that the moon is a beacon and a reflection of light–a reminder that light is always there, even if you can’t see it. This card often comes up during a time of confusion and uncertainty. The path may be shrouded in darkness so you cannot see your way. The moon reminds you to stop trying to see the way and to intuitively sense the way. Focus on what you want, not how you’re getting there. Trust that you’re being guided even in darkness.

This new moon in Sagittarius offers further push into the inner realms along with the warning that it will not be without difficulty. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Saturn. We will be guided to profound wisdom through powerful destruction and rapid transformation. It’s time to go deep and explore what we really want, to set our sights on a destination with the understanding that getting there will require determination and effort. Any new moon is a symbol of renewal and new beginnings. This one is especially meaningful since it marks the end of an (incredibly turbulent) year, as well as the onset of winter. We must move forward with purpose and strength, which requires confronting and releasing our deepest fear.

Winter is the season of darkness and dormancy. It is for hibernation and sleep. It is time to conserve and store energy whilst exploring the subconscious through dreams. It is time to do the deep, powerful work of self exploration and personal development. Winter is not about making a difference in the world around us, it’s about tending to the deepest needs within ourselves… which ultimately, leads to the external changes we require.

This card, this moon, this time… it’s all a call to release fear and anxiety by going deep into the darkness of personal pain. It’s a reminder to trust intuition, to have faith and hope even when it’s hard to do so, to develop courage, and to stay focused on what’s most wanted. None of this is going to be easy, but it will be so worth it in the end.

Personally, I am eager for the holidays to be over. It takes a lot of energy to socialize so much, to be in crowded situations, and to manage so much excess. I can feel the weight of my emotions and I need to sort through them to clear away unnecessary burden and restore myself. I am scared of how it will feel to unearth and explore my shadow side, but I am ready to dive into the darkness. I hope you will join me in your own process of self exploration. I look forward to seeing you on the other side, where the light meets a brave, new day.

Peace, love & compassion to all.

Adina Arden Cooper

I'm a lover, a guide and a supportive companion. An artist, an ally and an advocate. I help individuals connect more deeply with themselves and with others through shadow work. I believe that shared humanity is a powerful strength and that our stories connect us in beautiful and sacred ways. As I stumble, skip, or soar my way through this life, I invite you to join me on the journey. Likewise, I'm honored to travel with you. In witnessing one another, we find meaning.