I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember.

It was how I spent the majority of my free time as a child. In high school it was often the only reason I went to school.  

I started my college career as a fine art major but changed my focus after doing poorly is some classes and hearing things like “you can’t make a living as an artist” and “you shouldn’t turn your passion into your career.” I understand now that both of these statements are absolutely false, but I didn’t know that at the time. I completed a minor in photography but art making in general remained a hobby.

As an adult, I continued to create in my spare time pretty regularly. I sold a few paintings here and there but most of my work ended up with friends and family or on my own walls. Once I became a counselor, I was naturally drawn to using art as a therapeutic tool. For years I worked at an arts-based school and was fortunate to have lots of opportunity and support to integrate art into my job, whether it was facilitating art therapy sessions, designing bulletin board displays, or coordinating public exhibits.

As a private practitioner, I still integrate art into therapy at times but what I’ve discovered is how essential it is for my own wellness.

Art helps me filter out emotions that I absorb in session. It helps me sort through my personal experiences. It helps me release, rest and reset.

Art is inherently healing and I now know that I need it in order to be able to do my other work.


I have always been drawn to the female figure. It’s the subject I’ve painted more than any other.

I also enjoy creating landscapes, animals, and the occasional abstract piece. I am a mixed media artist and tend to work in bold, bright color.

My work is infused with deep emotion.

Both my own and that of others. My portraits are mostly fictitious, although I have done some of people I know.

I love people’s stories and am perpetually amazed by their strength and resilience.

I hold a strong connection to spirit and the natural world. This all serves as inspiration for my art.

Each piece has a story to tell and deep message buried within.


 I have various prints and original work available for purchase. Not all of my work is posted here, so it’s best to schedule an appointment to view or inquire about original pieces. All of the artwork shown in the gallery can be purchased as prints. I’m always striving to build my collection and product offerings so check back for updated information. 











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